First off I want to throw that link up. Two of my boys started a record label and they reissued some releases from Crown of Thornz. It is definitely great to own their first two albums on vinyl and the packaging is fantastic. I do wish I was I was able to buy the Die Hard editions.

    Tonight I finally got to watch Swiss Army Man. It was a very interesting movie. Well any movie where the main character is out of his mind it will make for something different. I do love the way Hank (Paul Dano) interacts with the corpse Manny (Daniel Radcliffe). Any kind of interaction dealing with flatulence is up my alley. So when he was using the dead body as a fart boat it got my attention right away. He used that body in ways that most people probably wouldn't have ever thought. The ending was a bit confusing. I was hoping to see the two main character ride off into the sunset with his fart propelling them through the sea. Instead you had a bunch of people watching the dead body fart his way to sea. At least Hank looked satisfied.

     I did also watch another flick tonight which one of my coworkers was telling me about when I told him I was watching the new show on HBO WestWorld. It was a movie in the 70's that I had no clue about but SYFY channel aired it tonight. I thought it was pretty badass. I loved when they showed the view from Yul Brynner's eyes. It was like a moziac filter. I also loved when James Brolins character gave one of the robots water and it short circuited. Some times the originals are better then the remakes. Yeah sure the special effects are better in the updated versions but they did a pretty good job back then.

     I did also try a imperial stout called Yeti tonight which was mmmmmmm mmmmmm good and potent. I think it said 9.5% so I did get a little buzz off those four bottles. I would say when I was purchasing them ...  the cashier glanced at my star wars shirt which is the cover of issue 52 from Marvel Comics. She was telling me how her dad used to watch Empire Strikes Back when she was younger and how she used to love the scene with the Taun Taun where Luke basically cuts it open to use it as insulation. All in my head I was like Im probably as old as her Dad or possibly older because I seen that shit in the theatre. Damn I'm Old.

     Oh another link I wanted to put here is http://beautifulmusiccds.blogspot.com ... my friend Matt was telling me about Joey Pizza Slice and his Label out of Burlington,VT.