War for the Planet of the Apes was a fitting end for the trilogy. Quick thoughts Caesar looks like Laurence Fishburne. Woody Harrelson plays the perfect maniac Colonel. Fantastic battle scenes even though there wasn’t too many. Loved they introduce a young Nova. Perfect ending. Time for me to watch the original films again. Picked up a Blu Ray set for $15 bucks a while back been waiting to have a marathon.


More processed Food bites

For some reason I feel like I need to share my disappointment in these products

     I had such high hopes when I saw this sitting on the shelf next to all the other hostess products. Sorry to say it was disgusting. The cake portion wasn’t half bad. The frosting on the other hand tasted like chemicals and left a bad taste in my mouth. The worst part is I kept burping and it was all I tasted for about a hour after eating it.

     Now these looked interesting to me. Especially since I had a KFC bowl over the weekend. I could probably make a more flavorable mashed potatoes and just mix some corn and green beans into it, Plus the mash potatoes were a bit soupy, I like them a bit more thick. The chicken fried steak wasn’t the best, but then again frozen beef isn’t my favorite thing to eat. I got the chicken option also but I’m expecting it to taste the same.

     I love the devour buffalo Mac ‘n cheese with chicken so I figured I might enjoy another version of this frozen meal. Man I’m not having a good week so far with food. ( FYI I’m getting my Kitchen remodeled so I am forced to go route of microwave meals a few days out of the week ... reasons why the reviews .... should of mentioned it earlier) Anyway the chicken honestly was the best part of this bowl. The Mac and cheese was like any other cheap frozen meal. The selection of cheeses they chose didn’t help it any. I think what makes the devour brand taste so good is the addition of blue cheese. I probably won’t be buying any of these products again.


I been slacking on blogging because I hate turning on my computer just to blog, hopefully this app works


0:00  Pliable Tones - Off Beats to Catch Up
0:18  Lunachicks - Plugg
3:53  Rivers Cuomo - The Purification of Water
7:47  Wormburner - Today Might Be Our Day
11:47 Saves the Day - Chameleon
15:08 Everest - I get By
18:48 Taleb Kweli - Get By
22:33 Tyler the Creator - See you Again
25:31 Dinah Washington - This Bitter Earth
27:56 tētēma - Emptiness of Ecstasy
30:06 Dokaka - Hoping
30:36 Anamanaguchi - John Hughes
34:00 Skinny Lister - Bold As Brass 
37:00 Ron Scalzo - Monster Crushes
40:32 Phony Ppl - I Wish I was a Chair
42:27 Naked Mary - Downtoon
47:07 Art Decade - Western Sunrise
50:53 Mike Toomey - Trials
54:46 Lair of the Minotaur - Warlord

1:00:17 La Coka Nostra - Bang Bang


0:00 Pliable Tones - Random Intro into another Track
0:19 Hans Zimmer - Davey jones
3:30 Fire from the Gods - Evolve
6:59 Miracle Drug - Columbus 
9:44 Broken Cameras - How Beautiful, to feel nothing and get full credit for being alive
11:49 Jay Z - Smile
16:38 Tyler the Creator - Garden Shed
20:21 Damon Albarn - The Selfish Giant
25:08 No Resistance - in the Morning
28:45 Dead Air - Remove all Doubt
32:41 Birdy Earns Feeat. Mona Moore - The Blue Flower
34:21 Beastie Boys - Unite
37:53 Run the Jewels - Hey Kids (Bumaye)
41:06 The World Inferno Friendship Society - Jake And Eggers
44:20 Meg & Dia - Better Off
48:16 Fantastic Negrito - A New Beginning
51:45 Norah Jones - Happy Pills
55:15 The Jamaicans - Ba Ba Boom

58:32 Jimmy Ruffin - What Becomes of the Brokenhearted




     Last night I had my reoccurring thought during a meal at Denny's. To Waitress / Waiter Is a art form. The way they tell you that you made a great choice and how they like the same thing that you ordered to eat to the way they ask you if everything is great mid chew so you can only make a gesture unless you a animal who will respond with a mouth full of food. Good job!!!

     Watched the Unlocking the Truth Documentary. You know the group of kids from Brooklyn who had a viral video of them playing metal on the street. I thought it was a alright DOC. Kind of a shitty deal they got. I'm not a musician but I'm not sure if I would sign a 5 album deal. They are pretty badass musicians but I had to sample some track of their album that came out a few months ago and the vocals aren't the best. I know they were pushing the kid in the documentary to sing , but if he wasn't comfortable why not bring in a vocalist for them. They kind of looked miserable I hope that they are actually enjoying what they do and are not being forced. Also that manager dude I so thought was a slime ball. I know he kept saying he wasn't in it for the money and how he just wanted to help them but come on. He was like a wolf hunting his prey.

     Started watching the show Wolverine and the Xmen again. I forgot how much I loved that show. Kind of like a play of Days of Future past. Only 10 episodes in out of the 26 but it's flooding back so many episodes. I forgot all about the Hulk episode. Even though they have a Animated flick Hulk Vs. Wolverine and they always made a great pair in the comics. They did a incredible job with that episode including Nick Fury and the Agents of Shield.

     I also picked up some movies in Walmart the other day so I'll probably be blabbering about those on another day. Happy Friday People!


     I remember when I was younger I loved my NES and pretty much every game I owned. Certain games jumped out above the rest because of insane graphics at the time. One game in particular that has been stuck in my brain is The Three Stooges. Watching all the movies on TV made me want this game so bad.  I know it was repetitive Mini Game madness but I love those types of games. Come on look at Mario Party. Those games are so addictive. I could imagine if they made a updated version of this. Especially with modern computer graphics and video manipulation.


"Here Comes The Littles"

"Ain't Nuttin Ta F Wit"

"Turtle Power"


     First off I want to throw that link up. Two of my boys started a record label and they reissued some releases from Crown of Thornz. It is definitely great to own their first two albums on vinyl and the packaging is fantastic. I do wish I was I was able to buy the Die Hard editions.

    Tonight I finally got to watch Swiss Army Man. It was a very interesting movie. Well any movie where the main character is out of his mind it will make for something different. I do love the way Hank (Paul Dano) interacts with the corpse Manny (Daniel Radcliffe). Any kind of interaction dealing with flatulence is up my alley. So when he was using the dead body as a fart boat it got my attention right away. He used that body in ways that most people probably wouldn't have ever thought. The ending was a bit confusing. I was hoping to see the two main character ride off into the sunset with his fart propelling them through the sea. Instead you had a bunch of people watching the dead body fart his way to sea. At least Hank looked satisfied.

     I did also watch another flick tonight which one of my coworkers was telling me about when I told him I was watching the new show on HBO WestWorld. It was a movie in the 70's that I had no clue about but SYFY channel aired it tonight. I thought it was pretty badass. I loved when they showed the view from Yul Brynner's eyes. It was like a moziac filter. I also loved when James Brolins character gave one of the robots water and it short circuited. Some times the originals are better then the remakes. Yeah sure the special effects are better in the updated versions but they did a pretty good job back then.

     I did also try a imperial stout called Yeti tonight which was mmmmmmm mmmmmm good and potent. I think it said 9.5% so I did get a little buzz off those four bottles. I would say when I was purchasing them ...  the cashier glanced at my star wars shirt which is the cover of issue 52 from Marvel Comics. She was telling me how her dad used to watch Empire Strikes Back when she was younger and how she used to love the scene with the Taun Taun where Luke basically cuts it open to use it as insulation. All in my head I was like Im probably as old as her Dad or possibly older because I seen that shit in the theatre. Damn I'm Old.

     Oh another link I wanted to put here is http://beautifulmusiccds.blogspot.com ... my friend Matt was telling me about Joey Pizza Slice and his Label out of Burlington,VT.


     Candiria is finally back with a new album! I honestly love what they do. Mixing all types of Genres and Sounds with hard hitting Metal. "Wandering light" ... so far is my favorite track off the album. Once I heard that soul part break into the song out of nowhere it showed me they just are a force that just keeps evolving though time. I love that Carley Coma is singing a lot more. I know it's not a new thing but there's only so much screaming I could deal with. In "Mereya" you also get a little Scat part over jazz. The new drummer Danny is Badass. I am totally impressed. I'm always amazed how these dudes just switch it up on the drop of a dime and not miss a beat. Well hope you check out this album if you get a chance. 

     Other news I watched Luke Cage on Netflix last weekend "Sweet Christmas" Marvel just keeps putting out pretty solid shows. I do think that all of them are drag out the story line way too long but that is my opinion. I had a huge smile on my face when they put him in his original costume on the origin episode. I was waiting for a cameo of Iron Fist but that didn't happen. I also read that Luke Cage might not even cameo in his show. Guess I have to wait for the Defenders show for that to happen. 

     I also finally saw Xmen Apocalypse. Yes I don't go to movie theaters so I wait for the DVD/BluRay Release. I appreciated the cameo of Jubilee but why not let her go on the mission too. She only got to go to the mall for god sake. I was wondering why no-one was staring at nightcrawler and freaking out when he was out in public. I hated that they made Angel a cage fighter and I wished he looked more like Archangel from the comics. I didn't like the Actors they chose for Cyclops and Jean Grey I can tolerate Nightcrawler. I was glad that had a cameo with the Blob. He looked a lot better then the one from the Wolverine movie. Otherwise another great Quicksilver scene and a decent movie. It always seems like they are trying to shove so much into the Xmen movies so they seem a bit jumbled up. 

     With TMNT 2 I still don't like what they look like but boy I'm glad that Bebop and Rocksteady were goons like the old cartoon. I also wished there was more of Krang. I was hoping that Baxter Stockman(Tyler Perry) turned into the fly before the end of the film but that didn't happen. WHERE WERE THE MOUSERS?!? It was a Action Packed fantastic flick though I wasn't big on the first one but I can see myself watching this one over and over. 

     Civil War. WOW BRAVO APPLAUSE> I am going to watch it for the third time tonight. 

     I also got to watch Swiss Army Man tonight which I am hoping is as good as the trailer.   
 "Excuse Me. I have to go. Somewhere there is a crime happening"

"Who Should I Be?


"Young Crypt Keeper"

"Oompa Loompas go to the Beach"

"Galaga Invasion"


"Hunting on Hoth"


"Orko's Magic Spell"



So I was working on a small issue of Violent Malformation and this is what I came up with
Here are the pages if you would like to print up a copy for yourself.