Candiria is finally back with a new album! I honestly love what they do. Mixing all types of Genres and Sounds with hard hitting Metal. "Wandering light" ... so far is my favorite track off the album. Once I heard that soul part break into the song out of nowhere it showed me they just are a force that just keeps evolving though time. I love that Carley Coma is singing a lot more. I know it's not a new thing but there's only so much screaming I could deal with. In "Mereya" you also get a little Scat part over jazz. The new drummer Danny is Badass. I am totally impressed. I'm always amazed how these dudes just switch it up on the drop of a dime and not miss a beat. Well hope you check out this album if you get a chance. 

     Other news I watched Luke Cage on Netflix last weekend "Sweet Christmas" Marvel just keeps putting out pretty solid shows. I do think that all of them are drag out the story line way too long but that is my opinion. I had a huge smile on my face when they put him in his original costume on the origin episode. I was waiting for a cameo of Iron Fist but that didn't happen. I also read that Luke Cage might not even cameo in his show. Guess I have to wait for the Defenders show for that to happen. 

     I also finally saw Xmen Apocalypse. Yes I don't go to movie theaters so I wait for the DVD/BluRay Release. I appreciated the cameo of Jubilee but why not let her go on the mission too. She only got to go to the mall for god sake. I was wondering why no-one was staring at nightcrawler and freaking out when he was out in public. I hated that they made Angel a cage fighter and I wished he looked more like Archangel from the comics. I didn't like the Actors they chose for Cyclops and Jean Grey I can tolerate Nightcrawler. I was glad that had a cameo with the Blob. He looked a lot better then the one from the Wolverine movie. Otherwise another great Quicksilver scene and a decent movie. It always seems like they are trying to shove so much into the Xmen movies so they seem a bit jumbled up. 

     With TMNT 2 I still don't like what they look like but boy I'm glad that Bebop and Rocksteady were goons like the old cartoon. I also wished there was more of Krang. I was hoping that Baxter Stockman(Tyler Perry) turned into the fly before the end of the film but that didn't happen. WHERE WERE THE MOUSERS?!? It was a Action Packed fantastic flick though I wasn't big on the first one but I can see myself watching this one over and over. 

     Civil War. WOW BRAVO APPLAUSE> I am going to watch it for the third time tonight. 

     I also got to watch Swiss Army Man tonight which I am hoping is as good as the trailer.