Last night I had my reoccurring thought during a meal at Denny's. To Waitress / Waiter Is a art form. The way they tell you that you made a great choice and how they like the same thing that you ordered to eat to the way they ask you if everything is great mid chew so you can only make a gesture unless you a animal who will respond with a mouth full of food. Good job!!!

     Watched the Unlocking the Truth Documentary. You know the group of kids from Brooklyn who had a viral video of them playing metal on the street. I thought it was a alright DOC. Kind of a shitty deal they got. I'm not a musician but I'm not sure if I would sign a 5 album deal. They are pretty badass musicians but I had to sample some track of their album that came out a few months ago and the vocals aren't the best. I know they were pushing the kid in the documentary to sing , but if he wasn't comfortable why not bring in a vocalist for them. They kind of looked miserable I hope that they are actually enjoying what they do and are not being forced. Also that manager dude I so thought was a slime ball. I know he kept saying he wasn't in it for the money and how he just wanted to help them but come on. He was like a wolf hunting his prey.

     Started watching the show Wolverine and the Xmen again. I forgot how much I loved that show. Kind of like a play of Days of Future past. Only 10 episodes in out of the 26 but it's flooding back so many episodes. I forgot all about the Hulk episode. Even though they have a Animated flick Hulk Vs. Wolverine and they always made a great pair in the comics. They did a incredible job with that episode including Nick Fury and the Agents of Shield.

     I also picked up some movies in Walmart the other day so I'll probably be blabbering about those on another day. Happy Friday People!